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Cape Elizabeth, ME


Last week, I had the opportunity to get together with this cute couple for their engagement session.  They chose Ft. Williams Park, simply because they wanted a location where they could bring their black lab, “Boston” to the session!  

Heather and Mike met at Gritty’s in the Old Port, 3.5 years ago.  The night they met, Mike bet Heather that the Giants would beat the Patriots in the 2008 Superbowl (Mike is a Giants fan, and Heather is a Pats fan) – the winner of the bet would take the other out to dinner.  Even though Heather lost, Mike still treated her to dinner, and the rest is history!

The Proposal:

These two were engaged last December, and though Heather will admit that Mike is not the romantic type, his proposal was very much so.  When Heather came home from work on a Friday night close to Christmas day, she noticed all the lights were out, candles were lit, and Bos (their dog, Boston) had on a jingle bell Christmas collar with a note attached that said Bos wanted her to go to the basement.  She thought this was unusual, but instead of expecting a ring, Heather thought it may be a Christmas surprise.  In the basement, she found a very sweet poem from Mike, detailing how they had met, and how he had fallen in love with her, along with directions for her to go into the back yard.  When she opened the basement door and walked outside, she saw “Will U Marry Me?” written in huge letters in Christmas lights all along the fence.  Mike was on one knee under the lights.  Heather LOVES Christmas, so it was extra special that he had proposed to her this way.  Of course, Heather said YES, and they will be married in June of 2012.

 Thanks, you two, for the time we spent together capturing these images; can’t wait for the wedding!